Improve your pearly whites at our family dentist practice
in Waipahu, HI

Lisa Valderueda, D.M.D., Inc. is a general dental office in Waipahu, Hawaii. The practice emphasizes dental prevention and wellness. We achieve this by educating our patients on their treatment, other dental services as well as the benefits of their dental plan. We make every effort to assist our patients and deliver exceptional customer service and ensure each individual that contacts our office is treated with care and respect. 

In order for the dental practice to achieve the above mission, we need to have the best team members. Therefore, ongoing education and coaching of team members is essential. Team members are supported so that they can exceed their perceived potential, personally as well as professionally.

Beautiful and healthy smiles for everyone!

Our services

Our family dentist in Waipahu is devoted to restoring and enhancing the natural beauty of your smile. Our standard of excellence in dental care enables us to provide a complete range of dental care for patients of all ages, including:
  • Teeth cleaning  
  • Checkups  
  • Teeth whitening  
  • Cosmetic procedures
Recepionist of our family dentist clinic in Waipahu, HI

About us

At Lisa M. Valderueda, D.M.D. Inc, you’re in good hands, with over 20 years of practicing progressive dentistry. We are an experienced team of dental professionals who can help you achieve your goals, whether it’s a brighter smile you wish for or need to fix a toothache, our dentists can improve your smile. During your appointment, you will be educated on a treatment plan customized for your smile and all of your oral care needs.
We use state-of-the-art equipment at our family dentist practice to ensure our patients comfort every time. We also offer flexible payment plans for people without insurance. We understand that our patients have busy schedules and we offer morning and evening appointments for your convenience. Contact our friendly staff in Waipahu and we will help schedule an appointment that works within your schedule.
A gentle family dentist in Waipahu, HI
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