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Waipahu, HI's expert teeth whitening & dental care team!

Trust the expert dentists of Lisa M. Valderueda, D.M.D. Inc

Our team will always greet you with open arms and beautiful smiles. We are so committed to superior customer service and standards of care and professionalism that you might actually enjoy your visit to the dentist. In fact, many of our patients do! That's why the people of Waipahu, HI keep coming back. For all your teeth whitening and dentistry needs, visit Lisa M. Valderueda, D.M.D. Inc. We love taking care for you! 

The dental hygienist

Lisa M. Valderueda, D.M.D. Inc is lucky to have a professional oral hygiene specialist on our team.

If you have been accused of, suspect you might have or are sure you're suffering bad breath, you may have nasty bacteria living inside your mouth.

Our dental hygienist can help you eradicate them, cure that bad breath, and show you how to maintain the best ongoing oral hygiene so your mouth stays healthy for good! Come in for professional teeth whitening and have your teeth and gums pampered too. Be proud of your smile again and flash your pearly whites with renewed confidence and that great fresh breath feeling! 
Professionals on teeth whitening procedures in Waipahu, HI

The dentists

Our team of dental specialists in Waipahu are highly qualified and experienced in dentistry and committed to your oral hygiene and dental health issues. Our dentists will communicate effectively with you to help to put your mind at ease and make your experience as comfortable as possible. In addition to general dental health, we also provide excellent teeth whitening, and cosmetic dentistry procedures so you can have a winning smile no matter who you are!


Aloha, my name is Dr. Lisa Valderueda. It’s now 2016, and realized that I’ve been practicing dentistry for 29 years now. I grew up in Waipahu and attended St. Joseph's school, which is located right across my dental office.

In my High school years, I attended and graduated from Punahou High School. After graduating from Punahou, I went to Boston College and graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Biology.
 After receiving my undergraduate degree, I decided to go to dental school at Washington University School of Dental Medicine in Saint Louis, Missouri.

Over the years, I have served as a board member for a mainland financial company, been on the Advisory Committee for a local non profit, and volunteered in numerous fundraising events.

Current ongoing interests include; running (long distance as in marathon); exploring new eating places; promoting a healthy lifestyle in team members
Dr. Valderueda
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